Monday, 12 May 2008

Natural Skin Care

It’s so difficult to know who to trust when it comes to caring for your skin and what products you should and shouldn’t buy. There is a growing trend for people to buy skin care products made from totally natural ingredients however most people are still happy to buy those with synthetic ingredients. Some might say that natural products are better for our skin because they are what nature intended however there is often conflicting evidence for both types of products. The end result is that the customer no longer knows what products to buy and what prices they need to pay. Cosmetic companies spend huge amounts of money on branding their products so it’s very easy to get carried away with spending more that we perhaps really need to. Whipped body butters are great but maybe just a luxury item for many.

When it comes to natural ingredients you will often find cosmetic companies coming out with all sorts of products with added ingredients such as extract of ginger or pomegranate. This really helps them to appear like they are at the cutting edge of cosmetic research and they will only even provide their customer with the best possible products.

Consumers are always getting bored with products they already own and so are always searching for the next “big thing” in cosmetics (not to mention diet pills). This is why the largest companies pour massive amounts of money into research and marketing. The ironic thing is that they probably spend more on coming up with catchy phrases and super models than they do on the actual development of the product. You can therefore spend silly money on all manner of products such as shampoos, face masks, nose strips and exfoliants.

However it’s always difficult to get past the slick advertising and get to the real facts of whether you should buy natural products or synthetic. However one fact that might surprise you is that federal government haven’t actually defined the term “natural”. Therefore it’s very easy of companies to use the term whenever they wish.

Pick up a range of skin care products you chances are that you’ll see ingredient such as vitamin E and aloe. However you might not realize that the methods used to extract the ingredients often involve synthetic materials. Also, once these ingredients have been extracted, quite often they’re added in with synthetic ingredients such as those that will help to preserve and stabalize the ingredients.

A lot of people mistakenly think that all natural ingredients will automatically be good sensitive skin. However this is not always the case. So many people suffer from food allergies these days so if there are natural ingredients in a skin care product that person with sensitive skin might develop a reaction. Beeauty is important to many people but be very careful about what products you use, this goes for weight loss drugs too.

Of course, there is more to keeping your skin healthy and glowing than to be using external products. Beauty starts from within and depends greatly on your nutrition. If you eat a diet devoid of nutrients you will find that this is reflected in the quality of your skin, hair and nails. Most people have dry skin because they don’t eat enough essential fatty acids (EFAs). Everyone should ensure that they eat plenty of quality foods for general health as well as your external appearance.

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